Signs and Symptoms

Often the early signs of dementia may be difficult to detect. Some people experience changes in their short term memory early on, for others changes to mood or to language may be the early signs. Each person’s experience with dementia is unique and will vary between the different types of dementia

Early signs and symptoms may include:

  • Memory loss, particularly for recent events
  • Problems with language, difficulty finding the right word
  • Changes in personality, mood or behaviour
  • Becoming confused in familiar surroundings or situations
  • Difficulty in following conversations, TV programmes or reading
  • Difficulty managing money and everyday tasks
  • Difficulty solving problems or doing puzzles
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and pastimes, lack of initiative to start something or go somewhere.
  • Repeating a question or story several times without realising
  • Misplacing things by putting them in the wrong place

Most people will experience a number of these signs, and they will find they are having increased difficulty over time. In general, signs and symptoms emerge gradually. This can be difficult for both the person who is experiencing changes and for their family and friends.

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