Person Public Involvement (PPI)

One of ASI’s organisational strategic aims is to develop and amplify the voice of the person with dementia and create a platform to enable voices to be heard. As part of our Research Strategy 2017-2020, ASI is committed to developing Person Public Involvement (PPI) in research.

PPI describes a whole variety of ways in which researchers can engage people with dementia and their carers in research. PPI is not about recruiting participants for research studies, nor is it solely about raising public awareness of our research. Rather, PPI is a way to ensure that the real life experiences are considered in research. It means giving people with dementia and their carers a voice in research so that they can express the needs that matter most to them. It involves empowering them to engage in the decision-making processes around research.

ASI are developing a research panel, comprising people with dementia and carers, who are willing to take part in the research process. This project will be crucial in leading PPI dementia activities in Ireland, and developing a national PPI platform. It will ensure that PPI is conducted in such a way that promotes meaningful and active involvement of people with dementia in research and represents a true partnership between people with dementia, researchers and policy makers.

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