Research Updates

The ASI hosted a Dementia Research Forum with the Dementia Neurodegeneration Network Ireland (DNNI) in April 2018. The forum brought together stakeholders engaged in dementia research in order to develop consensus on research needs and prioritisation. It also explored possibilities for dementia funding into the future. Events like this are crucial to identifying what the challenges and gaps in dementia research in Ireland. By working together with other stakeholders we give hope to dementia research to Ireland in the future.

Arising from the forum a dementia research report was produced. Click here to download the full report – Dementia Research Report 2018 – The report outlines a number of outputs the ASI and DNNI would now like to see taken forward to progress the research prioritisation and consensus process

We have now established a Steering Group comprising relevant stakeholders to continue the consensus process. This Steering Group will meet approximately 3-4 times and bring outputs of to the wider stakeholder group at a research event in Spring 2019.

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