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ASI Research & Policy Manager Bernadette Rock and ASI Research Officer Laura O'Philbin

Policy on Supporting Research

The ASI is committed to supporting research that can accelerate finding new ways to diagnose and treat dementia effectively, that has relevance, meaning and impact on how people with dementia and their carers can live better quality lives, and that can potentially discover ways to prevent dementia.

For more information on The ASI Research Review Process, please click HERE 

Michael Foley (TCD)

Person Public Involvement (PPI)

There is now consensus that PPI represents best practice in research, and that PPI Contributors add significant value to projects. To facilitate best practice ASI have developed a Dementia Research Advisory Team which is a group of people with dementia and carers who wish to contribute to research in a PPI Capacity.

To learn more about the Dementia Research Advisory Team, access resources, and involve ASI PPI Contributors in your research click here

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