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Advocacy is a process that allows us to address inequality and to bring about change. By using different advocacy tools we can raise public awareness of issues affecting people with dementia and influence those in power. As advocates we need to present clear messages and build relationships that will help us to change policies, practices and attitudes.

A Practical Guide to Advocacy

This guide has been created to support national and local advocacy work undertaken by staff, volunteers and branch members of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.  To download this resource please click here


This suite of infographics can be downloaded and used to raise awareness of dementia. The infographics cover four themes- (1) general facts and figures about dementia; (2) signs and symptoms; (3) the impact of caring; and (4) the importance of the language we use when discussing dementia. Just click on an image below to download a particular infographic.

Key Messages about Dementia

When we are communicating about dementia it is important we are clear about the key messages that people need to understand.  The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has created a simple guide to these key messages. To download this resource please click here.

Dementia Friendly Language

The language we use when discussing dementia is a really important part of lifting the stigma that surrounds it. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has created a language guide to dementia which provides guidelines that are intended to highlight how words and language really do make a difference. To download this resource please click here

Dementia Friendly Communities

People with dementia are one of the most marginalised, socially excluded and highly stigmatised groups in society.  In order to address the exclusion of people living with dementia, a new initiative has emerged on the landscape in the form of Dementia Friendly Communities.  Essentially, the initiative is about transforming our villages, towns, cities and counties into better places to live for people with dementia.

You can read more about creating a Dementia Friendly Community here

We have developed a number of resources to support people to make their community more dementia friendly.

Creating Dementia Friendly Communities – A Toolkit

The Dementia Friendly Communities Toolkit contains a variety of key resources that will support organisations, businesses and communities to be more informed and enabled to support people with dementia and their loved ones to stay living well.

It contains a guide that provides a practical framework based on our experiences in supporting communities to work towards becoming more dementia friendly. Please click here to find out more.

It also contains a number of information resources for various services, public representatives, businesses, emergency response teams and people working in the areas of arts and leisure providing them with hints and tips for how they can support people with dementia.

If you wish to obtain hard copies of these materials please contact [email protected]

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