Grassroots Engagement

Dementia is an issue that affects our whole community. We need your help to make it a political priority.

Dementia is Ireland’s hidden health crisis with nearly 64,000 people living with dementia. Every year another 4,000 people are diagnosed – that’s 11 people every day.  There are 50,000 carers of people with dementia – even more when you include wider family and social networks.  By 2041, the number of people living with dementia in Ireland will have increased to over 132,000.

Join us to campaign for better services and supports for people with dementia and their families.

Join our E-Campaigners

In The Alzheimer Society of Ireland we are playing an active part in raising the public and political profile of dementia to ensure that:

  • There is a more accurate understanding of dementia and people’s journey with the condition
  • Stigma, which can prevent people seeking the supports and services they need, is reduced
  • Dementia remains a national health priority so that the services people need are delivered when and where people need them
  • People with dementia, their families and carers have a voice in policy and decision making at a local, regional and national level.

Ways to get involved

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has a dedicated advocacy team who can support you to run a local or regional campaign to lobby politicians, decision makers and those with influence in your community and/or to share your knowledge and understanding about dementia to raise local awareness.  You can get involved in the following ways:

  • Local campaigning – raising awareness and increasing understanding about dementia
  • Spread the word – encourage your friends and family to get involved and join The Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s e-campaigners JOIN OUR E-CAMPAIGNERS
  • Let us support you in writing or arranging a meeting with your local TD to highlight the issues that are important to you

Dementia and Your Area

The National Dementia Strategy’s mid-term review acknowledges that people with dementia and their families are “still dealing with inadequate services and supports”.  It states that additional funding is required. Access to community dementia-specific services across Ireland is not equal.

The level of service varies depending on where you live but no county in Ireland has an acceptable level of dementia support. The time to provide funding is now.

Click on your county to see what dementia-specific services you have and what services are needed.

Useful resources

We have also developed a number of campaigning tools to support people in this work.  You can find all of this information by clicking here

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