Report: The Experience of Dementia in Ireland: A Snapshot in Time

The Experience of Dementia in Ireland: A Snapshot in Time captures the experience of living with dementia in Ireland in 2023, highlighting the multi-faceted and complex challenges facing those affected by the condition.

The new research was carried out in early summer with almost 670 people, including both carers and people living with dementia. Many people are struggling with issues such as burnout, isolation, mental and physical health against the backdrop of the Cost of Living Crisis. This national research illustrates the scale of need and the increasing demand for services nationwide. 

Read our full report HERE.

Plain Language Summary available HERE


The ASI’s CEO, Andy Heffernan, said the comprehensive report makes for stark reading and urgent action is needed. Mr Heffernan acknowledged the enhanced investment from the Government in dementia-specific services and supports in recent years, but said this was set against “a low base, rising prevalence and a growing need”.

‘‘Last week’s announcement regarding significant funding for Memory Services across the country is a critical first step in implementation of the Model of Care for Dementia in Ireland and evidence of this Government’s commitment to people affected by dementia. 

Tony McIntyre, A Member of The ASI’s Dementia Research Advisory Team and Dementia Carers Campaign Network, said: “

This report is important because we need to hear from people living with dementia and people like me who are dementia carers. I am very glad that there is a record of our experiences and I hope the information will be used to improve services. For example, my life changed for the better, and my ability to support my wife, Mary, improved so much after completing The Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s Family Carer Training. This report shows that many other people are in need of this and other vital services. Mary and I are really proud to be members of the Dementia Research Advisory Team and work hard to support research that can help everyone affected by dementia.”

The report’s lead author and The ASI Research and Policy Manager Dr Laura O’Philbin said the research highlighted an accumulation of challenges faced by people living with dementia and carers. 

“Difficulties accessing services combined with financial challenges, declining health, loneliness and stigma have created an unsustainable and devastating trajectory for people living with dementia and their families. Action and investment in services and support can help to ease the journey and ensure that people living with dementia and carers can live as well as possible for as long as possible. We visited Memory Cafes, called to local services, spoke to people on the phone, passed out flyers and harnessed the power of local radio and social media. These recommendations have been developed after hearing directly from people affected by dementia. We must act urgently to implement them.

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