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Current Studies

We are currently involved in 18 research projects ranging in topic from lifestyle and risk factors associated with dementia to caregiving – Outline of current research

If you would like to speak with ASI about collaborating on a research project please contact Dr Bernadette Rock ( or Dr Laura O’ Philbin (

ASI Research Collaborations

Research Prioritisation

In 2018 the Dementia and Neurodegeneration Network Ireland (DNNI) and ASI established a Dementia Research Forum which brought together stakeholders involved in dementia research in Ireland. The forum also led to the establishment of a Research Prioritisation Steering Group, and together members of this Steering Group have explored research themes and are developing a survey to help identify dementia research priorities.

The purpose of prioritisation exercise is to:
i. Provide information to research funders and policy makers regarding what research should be prioritised and to seek funding for such research;
ii. Ensure that limited resources are spent on research that is most relevant to those who will benefit from and use the results of research; and
iii. To increase awareness of dementia research amongst the public, healthcare professionals and the research community and to encourage researchers to work collaboriatively in this field.

In the coming months stakeholders involved in dementia research, including researchers and clinicians, will be invited to complete the prioritisation survey. This will provide a democratic process for stakeholders to express their opinions on the areas of dementia research that they feel should be prioritised.


ASI works closely with the Dementia Neurodegeneration Network of Ireland’s Scientific Coordinator to support collaborative research, consensus and knowledge exchange. Recently ASI co-hosted a Dementia Research Forum with the DNNI, and is continuing a collaborative research consensus process.

DNNI is dedicated to the enhancement of the understanding of the causes and mechanisms of dementia and neurodegeneration, the effectiveness of different models of care and the policy changes required to improve the quality of life for persons with dementia and neurodegenerative conditions and their caregivers.

DNNI links leading researchers across several disciplines in the areas of dementia and neurodegeneration. It is novel in its multi-disciplinary focus and strategic in its objective to enhance research co-operation and co-ordination across the island of Ireland.

The DNNI website is available here

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