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The ASI dedicated to Research & Evaluation. We partner with a range of groups including academic institutions, other charities, and research institutions and our published research reports are available below.

In addition, we are currently involved in a number of research projects ranging in topic from assistive technology to LGBTQI+ service needs  –External Research Overview April 2021

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● A Year of Caring and Coping with Dementia During Covid-19 (April, June 2021)

This research was conducted by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Research and Policy team with support from The ASI Operations Team. 

One year after the cessation of services due to COVID-19, this follow-up research builds on our understanding of how those affected by dementia continue to care and cope amid deficient and sparse service provision.

Findings include:

  • 81% of respondents were concerned about a decline in the person with dementia
  • 54% of family carers reported a decline in their mental health, and 40% a decline in their physical health
  • 54% of family carers were worried about how they will continue to cope, with 44% feeling less able to cope
  • 28% of family carers reported considering a move to long term care for the person with dementia, with 65% saying that this has become a consideration sooner due to the pandemic.

Read ‘Caring and Coping with Dementia During Covid-19’ report HERE

Read our Summary Document HERE


● Caring and Coping with Dementia During Covid-19 (April, 2020)

The research was conducted by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Research and Policy team

The second research report produced on the issue, ‘Caring and Coping with Dementia During Covid-19’ further highlights the crisis aftermath of life in lockdown which has taken an enormous toll on people’s lives resulting in carers facing crisis with extra workloads, constant anxiety and exhaustion. Results present the views of people with dementia, family carers, ASI Dementia Advisers and the ASI National Helpline.

Read Report Here

Read Plain Language Summary HERE


● Covid-19: Impact & Need for People with Dementia and Family Carers (2020)

The research was conducted by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Research and Policy team.

Special report for The ASI Sub-Committee on Alternative Supports for Covid-19. This report summarises the results of three surveys that were distributed to people living with dementia, family carers, and Community Champions (Understand Together). Results are presented for each individual cohort: People living with dementia, Family Carers, and Community Champions.

Read Report Here


● Concerns and Costs of Dementia (2019)

The research was conducted by Core Research on behalf of KBC Bank and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (The ASI).

New research assessing the concerns and costs surrounding dementia among Irish people by The ASI and KBC Bank Ireland has found that 7 in 10 Irish adults realise that people with dementia require 24/7 care, however only 27% of respondents know that the cost of dementia care in Ireland is greater than the combined cost of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Read report here

● Dementia & Loneliness (2019)

Policy Position Paper commissioned by ASI and undertaken by UCC

We have published a new policy position paper ‘Dementia and Loneliness’ that reflects the experiences of loneliness for people living with dementia, how loneliness can be attributed to a lack of supports and services, and the public awareness and understanding of dementia.

Read report here

The ASI Research & Policy Manager Bernadette Rock (centre) with Professor Nicole Müller and Dr Nicola Cornally with the Dementia & Loneliness Report from UCC with the Dementia & Loneliness Report (2019)

● Research Prioritisation Report (2018)

Led by ASI & DNNI

In 2018 the Dementia and Neurodegeneration Network Ireland (DNNI) and ASI established a Dementia Research Forum which brought together stakeholders involved in dementia research in Ireland. The forum also led to the establishment of a Research Prioritisation Steering Group, and together members of this Steering Group have explored research themes and are developing a survey to help identify dementia research priorities.

Read report here


Member of the DCCN Ann Twomey, Prof Sabina Brennan, Head of Advocacy & Public Affairs Tina Leonard and CEO Pat McLoughlin at the launch of De-Stress report in 2017.

● De-Stress: A study to assess the health & wellbeing of spousal carers of people with dementia in Ireland (2017)

Commissioned by ASI and undertaken by TCD

De-Stress is the largest study of its kind in Ireland to explore the health and wellbeing of family carers of people with dementia. To carry out the study, researchers at Trinity College Dublin surveyed more than 200 people who were caring for their spouse with dementia.

Read report here)

Member of the DCCN Ray Cregan, Minister of State Jim Daly, Nutricia's Fiona Rafferty and ASI Head of Advocacy & Public Affairs at the launch of Eating well with Dementia in 2017.

● Eating Well With Dementia: Practical Tips for Family Carers (2017)

Jointly produced by Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition and ASI

The research found that the difficulties people with dementia are experiencing include the person forgetting to eat (58%), forgetting they have eaten and eating again (54%), finding it difficult to finish meals (51%) and being too tired to eat (36%). Following on from the research, a new booklet has been developed for families and carers in Ireland called Eating well with Dementia. This booklet, which was launched in September 2017, offers practical tips and helps families and carers to understand how dementia can affect a person’s appetite and experience with food.

Read report here

● Dementia Specific Services in the Community: Mapping Public and Voluntary Services

Jointly produced by the National Dementia Office (NDO), Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI)

This mapping project has produced an excellent resource to access specific information about the wide-range of dementia supports and services across the country.

Read report here

● A National Dementia Registry for Ireland (2016)

Policy Report commissioned by ASI and undertaken by DCU

This report, commissioned under The Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s expert policy series, provides much needed information on the feasibility of developing a dementia registry within the Irish context.

Read report (web version) here

Read accessible version here


● Brain Health & Dementia Prevention in Ireland: A Discussion Paper (2015)

Commissioned by ASI and undertaken by the Institute of Public Health

Report on brain health and dementia prevention, commissioned by The ASI and undertaken by the Institute of Public Health.

Read report here


● Meeting Older People’s Preference for Care (2015)

Collaborative research project undertaken by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, the Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW), Age Action and the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin. 

The research gathered information on the experiences and views of social workers working across the country with older people, including people living with dementia. The purpose of the study was to investigate the health and social care system is responding to the care needs, required supports and preferences of older people.

Read report here


● Strategies and Techniques for Cognitive Rehabilitation (2015)

This was the output of a joint research initiative between the ASI and the Neuro-Enhancement for Independent Lives Programme in TCD

A cognitive rehabilitation manual for healthcare professionals working with individuals with cognitive impairment and dementia.

Read report here


● Health & Harmony (2013)

Run by the National Concert Hall in partnership with ASI. This work received support from the Ireland Funds.

This report explores the context, the content and the outcomes of the Outreach Music programme run by the National Concert Hall in partnership with the ASI. This report looked at the beneficial effects of music among older adults living with dementia and at what future programmes might learn and adopt from Health and Harmony.

Read report here


● Building Consensus for the Future (2012)

A joint partnership project with the Irish Hospice Foundation and led by ASI

Report on the Feasibility Study on Palliative Care for People with Dementia

Read report here


● Creating Excellence in Dementia Care (2012)

Suzanne Cahill (DSIDC), Eamon O’ Shea (NUIG) & Maria Pierce (DSIDC)

A research review for Ireland’s National Dementia Strategy

Read report here


● Financing Dementia (2012)

Dominic Trépel (University of York)

What money is available, what does dementia need and will the required resources be received?

Read report here

● Continuing to Care for People with Dementia: Irish family carers’ experience of their relative’s transition to a nursing home (2011)

Professor Murna Downes in conjunction with St Lukes Home and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Read report here


● Opening Conversations (2011)

Dr Una McConville (University of Bath) in Conjunction with ASI. Funded by the Irish Hospice Foundation.

Developing a model for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland of best-practice palliative care interventions for people with dementia and their carers

Read report here

● An Economic Perspective of Dementia Care in Ireland: Maximising Benefits and Maintaining Cost Efficiency (2010)

University of Limerick

Read report here (Full Version)

Read report summary here


● Social Space, Equal Space: The Social Club Model of Dementia Care (2008)

Published by ASI

This 2008 research report documents the emerging role, function and operation of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s social club model.

Read guidelines for setting up a social club here

● Implementing Policy for Dementia Care in Ireland: The Time for Action is Now (2007)

Commissioned by ASI and undertaken by NUIG

Read report here


● Perceptions of Stigma in Dementia: An Exploratory Study (2006)

Commissioned by ASI and undertaken by TCD

Read report here


● Early Onset Dementia: A Needs Analysis of Younger People with Dementia in Ireland (2005)

Commissioned by ASI and undertaken by Trutz Haase

Read report here












Read report here

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