We are delighted to be part of #ChallengeThirtyTwo, a nationwide fundraising initiative taking place from June 20th!!

Join us for #ChallengeThirtyTwo this June 20th!!


We are delighted to be part of #ChallengeThirtyTwo, a nationwide fundraising initiative taking place from June 20th. 

JustGiving in partnership with Charities Institute Ireland have launched Challenge 32 to bring the whole Irish charity sector together, encouraging people to join in and help support Irish charities.


Taking part is so easy:


  1. Dream up a fundraising idea revolving around the number 32, 3.2, 320 or  3200 which you can do on June 20th. Tell us about your challenge through the form below so we can support you to make it a success. There are some ideas below to get you started!
  2. Donate or ask people to sponsor you. You can donate or set up your fundraising page on JustGiving HERE 
  3. Share some pics from your event on your social media using the hashtags #ChallengeThirtyTwo and #TeamASI and tag us in


    Tell Us About Your Challenge 32 event

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    What will you do – we’ve got 32 ideas to get you started!

    It’s completely up to you what event you would like to do  – it just needs to be based on the number 32, 3.2, 320 or 3200

    Think seconds, minutes, hours, days, metres, kilometres, times. The choice is yours!


    Sports and Activities

    Dance for 32 minutes

    Run for 3.2 kilometres

    Get the whole team or office involved and do a 32km virtual relay

    32 minutes on your exercise bike or treadmill

    320 pushups

    320 sit-ups

    320 burpees

    320 mountain climbers

    Do 3200 steps in a day

    32 Keepie – Ups

    Bounce a basketball for 32 minutes

    Cycle 3.2km

    Skipping 320 times

    Start a 32 day challenge

    Climb 32 flights of stairs

    Bounce  a tennis ball on a racket 320 times

    Run 32 laps around your house

    Play 32 games of darts


    Get Creative

    How about getting the whole family involved and hold a sponsored silence for 3.2 hours

    Play 32 songs on your guitar

    Bake 32 cookies

    Joke Marathon  – tell jokes for 32 minutes

    Paint 32 paintings

    32 question quiz

    32 minute yoga class

    32 yoga poses

    Read 32 books with your kids

    Host a 32 minute virtual talent show

    Recite poetry from your favourite poet for 32 minutes


    Challenge your friends!

    Name the most countries of the world in 32 seconds

    Name 32 counties in 32 seconds

    Who can do the most push-ups in 32 seconds


    What will you do? 


    Get more inspiration, donate or set up your online fundraising page on the dedicated Challenge32 microsite HERE:


    We can’t wait to see what events you will come up with!!


    Don’t Forget to Share!!


    Use the images below on your social media to post about your Challenge and tag us in! All of our platforms are at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to use #ChallengeThirtyTwo and #TeamASI.



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