Apps for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia

There is a range of apps available to help people with dementia live more independently, including medicine reminder apps, apps that alert a carer if the user falls or wanders as well as reminder apps that alert you to complete or undertake a task.

Pill Reminders

These apps remind you when your medication is due to be taken. Some of these apps provide an audible reminder when you need to take your medications, while others can provide a visual alert. Pill reminder apps will not work if your phone has no signal, if you put your phone on silent, if your phone’s battery runs out or if you do not have your phone with you.

  • Pill Reminder (iOS): app that alerts you when you need to take your medicine or refill a prescription. The app has a range of audible alert sounds including an extra loud reminder which may be useful if someone has hearing difficulties. The app has a built-in database of medicines so you can also access information like dosage and side effects for your medication. It lets you add photos of your medication so it is easy to recognise even if the writing on the packets is small. The app also keeps a history of when medications are taken or missed.
  • MedCoach (Android & iOS): app that helps you remember to take your medications and pills. You can set up multiple alarms, log the pills you have taken, and there are automatic reminders when you need to refill your prescription. The app links through to a medication database that provides information on medicines.

Fall Detection Apps

These apps are designed to alert a carer or family member if the user has fallen over.

iFall (Android): app that uses the phone’s accelerometer (measures force and acceleration) and tries to detect when a fall has occurred. If a fall is detected, the user is issued a prompt which gives them a chance to clear if it is a false alert. If the alert times out without a user response, their emergency contact is called.

Fall Alert (Android): app that triggers an alarm if you fall, sending an automatic SMS or phone call to your designated number. GPS coordinates will be attached in the SMS message. It is also possible to activate the function by pressing the ‘Panic’ button in the app.

Fall Detection (iOS): app that uses the phone accelerometer to detect if you have a fall. If a fall is detected an email or text message is sent to your designated recipients, providing your GPS location and street address.

Wander Apps

These apps are designed to alert a carer or family member if the user wanders off, becomes disorientated or gets lost.

  • iWander (iOS & Android): an application that utilises GPS and other locating technologies to identify the location of smartphones on which the app is installed.

Reminder Apps

It’s Done! (iOS): this reminder app helps confirm if you have completed tasks throughout the day. You tick ‘Done’ for each of your routine tasks, like locking the door, then later if you can not remember if you locked the door, the It’s Done! app confirms that the task has been completed. The app can also send a text message or email to others when a task is done, so family or carers can be at ease that the oven has been turned off etc.

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