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St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations at The Curlew Road Daycare Centre

Daycare Centre Manager Noel Quilantang invited Communications Manager Hugh O’Donoghue and Communications Officer Niamh Burke to visit the Curlew Road Daycare Centre in Drimnagh, Dublin 12, on March 15th to observe the Centre’s St.Patrick’s Day Celebrations. The celebrations began on March 10th and culminated on March 16th.


By the Communications Team, March 16th, 2023.

Bridging the Gap Between Research, Policy and Practice – Event

On February 22nd, 2023, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland & Dementia Research Network Ireland hosted a research knowledge exchange seminar in Dublin. This event brought together early-career researchers, clinicians, family carers, and people with dementia.

Speakers and small discussion groups explored the barriers and solutions for putting research into practice for impact.

Thank you to all who attended, presented, and took the time to share your experiences!

A special thank you to the Health Research Board Events and Conferences Sponsorship Scheme 2022, which supported us in hosting this event. We will share the speakers’ presentations on our YouTube channel, so please subscribe for updates.

By The Research & Policy Team, Feb 24, 2023.

New publication - Dementia research in Ireland: What should We prioritise?

Dementia Research in Ireland: What Should We Prioritise?

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is thrilled to be amongst a list of co-authors from the Irish dementia research community on a recently published article highlighting the outcome of a dementia research prioritisation exercise undertaken in 2018. Dementia Research Network Ireland (DRNI), in collaboration with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, led this work.

Clinicians, researchers, people living with dementia and family carers informed this prioritisation exercise in surveys and workshops. The top three research priority areas included:

Limited funding available to dementia research should be channelled into areas for impact by those who will benefit most. In early 2022 The Alzheimer Society of Ireland launched our Dementia Research Award, funding a project for up to the value of €100,000. Funding is based on six themes, informed by those drawn from this research prioritisation exercise.

You can read the article in full here:

For more information about how you can get involved in research, check our TeamUp for Dementia Research.

By The Research & Policy Team, Feb 24, 2023.

Irish Dementia Working Group Member Frank Golden Achieves Lifelong Dream of Publishing a Book

As a member of the Irish Dementia Working Group, Frank Golden has participated in numerous engagements and projects. Frank, who is 83 years old, achieved his lifelong goal in September 2022 of publishing a book.  This is an achievement for anyone, but for someone living with Alzheimer’s Disease, it is truly remarkable.

Advocacy, Engagement and Participation Officer with The ASI Saoirse Kelly caught up with Frank about his book The Irish Job, which is set in 1920s Dublin.

Why did you write the book?

The crucial role of Intelligence in the Irish War of Independence, 1919 – 1921, is rarely highlighted. As my father worked very closely with Michael Collins, I grew up with stories about Collins’ crucial, but necessarily unknown, intelligence role in the fight for Ireland’s independence.

The first draft consisted of 120,000 words! Way too many! And the research took several years – it was most important that I was accurate.

Did living with Alzheimer’s Disease complicate the process?

All of the groundwork had been completed, and I was on about my fourth draft when I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

What advice would you give to anyone considering writing a book?

From my point of view, research was vital. This is not necessarily the case with fiction. But edit, edit, edit before having an independent person read your (nearly) final draft!

Will there be another book?

I have already begun ‘Book Two’. In fact, that was planned to be the first.  But some way through, I realised that a ‘prequel’, The Irish Job, was needed.

By The Communications Team, Feb 24, 2023

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Opens New Daycare Centre in Balbriggan.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland officially opened its new Daycare Centre at Balbriggan Rugby Club today! In attendance were ASI staff, people with dementia, their supporters and Duncan Smith TD and Councillor Tony Murphy.

A great day was had as people enjoyed a cuppa and a chat while they viewed our new Centre and learned more about our work there.

Balbriggan Daycare provides dementia-specific, person-centred care to meet the needs of the person with dementia in a warm, welcoming and safe environment while providing support and stimulation.

An estimated 16,967 people live with dementia in Dublin, and 64,000 people live with Dementia in Ireland.

Ahead of the official opening, ASI Head of Operations Siobhan O’Connor said: 

“We’re thrilled to open our new Daycare Centre in Balbriggan. As the numbers of people living with dementia continue to increase, our new Daycare Centre is a much-needed support service for people living with dementia, their carers and families in North County Dublin. From reminiscence therapy to music sessions and arts and crafts, Balbriggan Daycare provides vital supports and activities – all dementia-specific – in a safe and warm environment. I’d like to thank Noel Heeney on our Board of Directors, Robert Cashell and Ivan McFadden, and all the Balbriggan Rugby Club committee for making this happen; their commitment exemplifies community at its best.”

Balbriggan Day Care is located at Balbriggan Rugby Club, Inch, Balbriggan, Co Dublin K32 VK26.

For more information on Balbriggan Daycare, contact Centre Manager Adenike Lamai at [email protected] or 087 3320341


by the Communications Team, February 17th.
Image source: Demi Moore/ Insta

Bruce Willis diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD): What is FTD?

Actor Bruce Willis has Frontonomeporal Dementia (FTD), his family has announced in a statement on social media.

In the summer of 2022, Bruce had been previously diagnosed with aphasia (when a person has challenges with their language or speech), resulting in his retirement from acting. 

What is Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)?

  • Frontotemporal dementia is a rare type of dementia caused by damage to different areas of the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain. 
  • It is sometimes called Pick’s disease or frontal lobe dementia.
  • During the early stages, a person’s memory may be fine, but their personality, behaviour and language skills can change.
  • FTD can affect younger or older people, with most people being diagnosed with FTD between the ages of 45 and 65. 

This form of dementia may often cause a person to:

  • Say and do things at the wrong time and in the wrong place
  • Loss of sympathy or empathy
  • Loss of interest in things or people
  • Repetitive, compulsive behaviours
  • Changes in a language, such as errors in grammar, slow, hesitant speech or difficulty finding the right word

The progression of this dementia is unpredictable, and in the later stages, symptoms are similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease.

Diagnosing frontotemporal dementia

No one test can diagnose FTD. You will usually have to undergo different assessments and tests for this form of dementia. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of symptoms
  • Assessment of mental abilities
  • Blood tests
  • Brain scans (MRI, CT or PET scan)
  • Lumbar puncture 

Outlook for frontotemporal dementia

Progression of FTD can vary from person to person. There is currently no cure, however there are treatments that can help control some of the symptoms. Please contact your GP if you or a loved one are in any way concerned. 


Our National Helpline is available 6 days a week. Call 1800 341 341 or email [email protected] 

If you would like to take part in research, please visit

by the Communications Team, February 17th.

St. Valentine’s Day at the ASI

Love was in the air at many of our Day Centres this Valentine’s Day, as our wonderful Service Users and Staff hosted Valentine’s Day Parties across the country.

Sporting Memories: A Great Day of Reminiscing at First County-Wide Event in Wexford

Wexford GAA, in association with Wexford County Council and The ASI, hosted the inaugural Wexford “Sporting Memories” event on Monday, February 6th and the event was a resounding success. Over 80 people from across the county attended. Everyone enjoyed reminiscing, reliving the great GAA moments from the past, meeting former stars and reengaging with the GAA community again. The feedback has been phenomenal from families and Carers.

Sporting Memories is an awareness and support programme which involves remembering and talking about sports to help improve health and well-being, particularly for people with dementia. Sporting Memories can help a person with dementia re-engage in their community, which once played a huge role in their lives. Reminiscence is particularly important for people living with dementia, as remembering can instil a sense of competence and confidence, which can make them feel empowered.

The programme aims to tackle dementia, depression, and loneliness through safe, friendly sessions led by people with a passion for sport and a desire to help people with dementia, their families, and supporters stay engaged or re-engaged in their communities.
Tony Dempsey, Age Friendly Ambassador for Wexford, emceed the event. There were three speakers on the day; All-Ireland winning hurler Tony Doran, All-Star midfielder George O’Connor, and author of the Wexford GAA Bible, Dominic Williams. Several exhibitors also provided an exhibition of sports memorabilia ranging from photographs, press cuttings, match programmes, jerseys and hurleys.

Wexford is the first county to host a county-wide event. The ASI appreciates the support from Wexford GAA, particularly the Health and Wellbeing Committee, Slainte Care and Wexford County Council.

by Cathryn O'Leary, National Community Engagement Manager, February 10th.
Service Users and Staff Members at the Gweedore Day Centre

Service Users and Staff Members at the Gweedore Day Centre, Donegal

ASI Day Care in Donegal


Over 25 per cent of the population in Donegal lives within the Gaeltacht, and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Day Care Centre in Gweedore, Co Donegal, plays a vital role in providing dementia-specific care and services in the region in one of Ireland’s most densely populated rural areas.

The centre is one of over forty Alzheimer Society of Ireland Day Care Centres that has opened again after the Covid pandemic. Now, increased capacity is available to cater for new clients. The ASI Centre provides Day, Home, and person-centred care to clients, their carers, and their families.

Clients are engaged in therapeutic stimulation activities under the support and guidance of friendly, professional, and caring staff.
The Day Care centre is open on Mondays and Thursdays under the supervision of the Nurse Manager, Kieran Cullen.

Mr Cullen said:

“The most important thing for me is that the clients are happy here. They really enjoy being here with us and engage so well with the staff and the range of support and services we offer.

“The staff make close bonds and relationships with the clients. I am proud of all the staff, who are so committed and engaged in their roles. They work closely with the clients every day and do so in a professional and empathetic manner,”
“We all get great satisfaction from the work we do here daily”.

The Nurse Manager said the centre currently caters for six service users but can increase this number to 12.

“We cater for a wide catchment area. The clients come in for up to five hours daily and are engaged in various activities and support. For the families, it is an opportunity for respite, which is so important as a carer,”
“The people of the local community are very appreciative and supportive of the work we do here in the Day Care Centre.

An estimated 2,451 people live with Dementia in Donegal, with 7,353 Carers, so we must continue to maintain and enhance these essential support services.”

Anyone wishing to contact the Gweedore Care Centre can contact Kieran Cullen at (074 95-32166 or 087-9189247) or [email protected]


The Nurse Manager of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland Day Care Centre in Glenties, Co Donegal, is pleased to announce that it currently has increased places available for people living with dementia.

Katie Kearns, has appealed to families of loved ones living with dementia to get in contact about availing of the service.

The Day Care Centre in Glenties is located at Dr McCloskey Crescent, and currently has six clients, but is now able to cater for up to eight people per day, in the weeks and months ahead.

The centre is open on Thursdays and Fridays with clients generally coming in from 9.30am till 3.30pm. All clients receive a hot meal during their stay in the centre.

With a range of supports and services available, clients can spend their time in a warm, friendly environment and enjoy person centred, dementia specific care from trained professionals.

“For us, it is a privilege to care for the people who come here,” Katie said. “The clients enjoy the range of therapies available and love the chat and activities with the staff- we’re like a little family really.”

The ASI provides 143 hours of Home Care and 155 hours of Day Care at Home support in Donegal. The ASI has two Dementia Advisers in the county, Dawn Thompson (Donegal North & East) and Mena McGill (Donegal South & West). Dawn and Mena can support the person living with dementia, their family members and their carers.

by Charlie McGinley, Community Engagement Officer, February 8th.
Joanna Cooper on Ireland AM with Tommy Bowe and Alan Hughes

Joanna Cooper on Ireland AM with Tommy Bowe and Alan Hughes

Denim Day for Dementia Ambassador Joanna Cooper on Ireland AM

Model Joanna Cooper joined Tommy Bowe and Alan Hughes on Ireland AM on February 7th to discuss her Mother Terri’s Dementia Diagnosis, and her involvement in the Denim Day for Dementia campaign.

The interview is available on this link.

The ASI ambassador also recently spoke with podcaster and writer Louise McSharry about their personal connections to Dementia and Alzheimer’s, why it’s important to open up to others and why everyone should sign up for Denim Day on Friday, March 3rd. You can listen to Joanna Catching Up with Louise McSharry wherever you get your podcasts.


by The ASI Communications Team, February 7th, 2023.
Bryan Murray and Una Crawford-O'Brien on the Tommy Tiernan Show

Bryan Murray and Una Crawford-O'Brien Speak to Tommy Tiernan on The Tommy Tiernan Show. Credit: RTE

Bryan Murray and Una Crawford-O’Brien On Tommy Tiernan Show

Bryan Murray and Una Crawford-O’Brien joined Tommy Tiernan on his show on Saturday, February 4th, to discuss how their life has changed since Bryan received his Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis.

Bryan received his diagnosis three years ago, and Bryan and Una announced the news in an RTE Guide interview in August 2022.

Bryan and Una went public with the news to encourage others to seek support.

You can watch the interview at this link.


by The ASI Communications Team, February 7th, 2023.
Triple Lock Logo

The Charities Institute of Ireland has granted the ASI Triple Lock Certification as of 2023

The Charities Institute of Ireland has granted the ASI Triple Lock Certification as of 2023

We are pleased to announce that Charities Institute Ireland (CII) has accredited the ASI as a 2023 Triple Lock member.

Members of CII are given the Triple Lock Standard for exhibiting excellent practices in governance, fund-raising, and financial reporting.

This certification further assures our dedication to excellence, transparency, and accountability to donors and stakeholders.

The ASI’s Head of Fundraising, Mairead Dillon, stated:

“We are delighted to have been awarded the Triple Lock status by the Charities Institute Ireland (CII). This demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our donors and supporters can have trust and confidence in ASI and the work that we do to support those living with dementia in our communities.

Visit the CII website to learn more about the Triple Lock Standard.

by the ASI Communications Team, February 3rd, 2023.

Denim Day for Dementia Launch 2023

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland launches its annual nationwide Denim Day for Dementia,
with model and entrepreneur Joanna Cooper as the face of the fundraising campaign.
Joanna Cooper is calling on Ireland to support Denim Day for Dementia on Friday, March
3rd, to raise funds for vital dementia supports and services.
The ASI’s ambassador is asking members of the public to don their denims – to the crèche,
their school, their place of work or wherever they are – on Friday, March 3rd, and donate to
support families impacted by dementia.
Joanna has a personal connection to the condition; her mother Terri was diagnosed with
dementia in 2021. Joanna has teamed up with The ASI in the hopes of helping others who
the condition has impacted.

The ASI Head of Fundraising Mairead Dillon said:

We’re so pleased to welcome Joanna Cooper as The ASI’s latest ambassador and extremely
grateful she is supporting our 2023 Denim Day for Dementia Campaign to help raise vital
funds for families living with dementia

Registration for Denim Day is open now at
#DenimDayforDementia #DenimDay

by The ASI Communications Team, January 25th, 2023.
CEOs of the Alliance of Age Sector NGOs at Leinster House on January 25th
Deputy Mary Lou McDonald holding a report

Launch of The Alliance of Age Sector NGOs’ 2023 Report

On January 25th, The Alliance of Age Sector NGOs, of which the ASI is a proud member,
launched its 2023 Report, ‘Telling It Like It Is; Combatting Ageism,’ which sets out why
Ireland needs to take ageism seriously and take meaningful action to counteract it.
The report highlights the nature and impact of ageism in Ireland and offers several
evidence-informed strategies to reduce it. The report was launched at Leinster House
(The Irish Parliament Buildings). The Alliance was very pleased to see cross-party
attendance and engagement at the launch.
The full report can be found at this link. 

by The ASI Communications Team, January 25th, 2023.

The ASI CEO Andy Heffernan with Northwest Northeast & Midlands Operations Manager Carol Molloy and her staff at the Ballybofey Offices

The ASI CEO, Andy Heffernan, spent the day in Donegal, where he met with Northwest, Northeast & Midlands Operations Manager Carol Molloy and the staff involved in our Day Care Centres in Glenties and Gweedore and the team who oversee the Day Care at Home and Home Care Services.

There was a detailed discussion about the services being provided in Donegal. These include our Day Care Centres, Home Care, Day Care at Home and our social clubs, Cafes & Support groups, and plans to further develop services in the county with the introduction of a cogs club 2,451 people are living with Dementia in Donegal, with 7,353 Carers, so it is vital that we continue to maintain, and enhance, these key support services. The ASI provides 143 hours of Home Care and 155 hours of Day Care at Home support in Donegal. The Community Employment Scheme encourages people to begin a pathway of care for people living with dementia in Donegal under the guidance and support of ASI staff. We provide 140 hours of home support in Donegal through the CE Scheme. We currently have vacancies on our CE scheme, listed on

The ASI provides a Day Care at home programme whereby they support people with Dementia who are living in the community from our premises in Ballybofey.

The ASI also has two specific Dementia Advisers in the county, Dawn Thompson (Donegal North & East) and Mena McGill (Donegal South & West),  to support the person living with dementia and their family members and carers.

The ASI also provides social clubs in Ballybofey, Letterkenny, with plans to have another in Ballyshannon and Carndonagh very soon. We are also starting an Alzheimer’s Cafe in Ballybofey and Carndonagh, and our support group operates from Ballybofey. Anybody who would like to learn more about the Alzheimer Society of Ireland services in Donegal can contact our office in Ballybofey (074-91-32440), and our staff would be more than happy to help with any queries. You can also email the office [email protected].

by Charlie McGinley, Community Engagement Officer. January 20th, 2023

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Dementia Research Award 2023

The ASI Launch The Inaugural Dementia Research Award

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) is pleased to announce the launch of our first Dementia Research Award 2023. The funding available is to a maximum value of €100,000 towards a project of 9-24 months duration.

In The ASI’s 2022-2024 Research Strategy, we have committed to developing and supporting quality dementia research that is in line with our mission and values, and is important to our communities of people living with dementia, family carers, supporters, staff and volunteers.

Key Themes
Funding is based on six key research themes that have been informed by the results of a Research Prioritisation exercise (in press) led by Dementia Research Network Ireland (DRNI), supported by The ASI and refined by ASI staff, volunteers, people living with dementia and family carers.

  • Identify the most effective strategies and supports for enabling people with dementia to maintain their interests and abilities for as long as possible.
  • Explore ways to address gaps in healthcare for people with dementia, and what may be the quality of life and cost benefits of a more holistic approach (instead of a medical-only model).
  • Identify the range of supports required to best meet the needs of family/unpaid carers of people with dementia.
  • Identify the best ways to deliver education, training & support to professional carers and health & social care professionals in the field of dementia.
  • Reducing the risk of developing dementia.
  • Explore experiences of people with dementia and families from marginalised communities and how to improve access to supports and services.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland will commence funding of the successful application in 2023. This will be subject to the submitted grant proposals meeting the required standard as assessed by international peer review and public review. The ASI will provide funding of up to €100,000 towards a project of 9-24 months duration.

Application Process
Phase 1 – Proposal
Applicants are invited to submit a proposal outlining key areas such as a plain language summary, the research question(s), aims of the work, proposed impact etc. Assessment in Phase 1 will be focused on the perceived importance, relevance, and potential impact of the research. The highest rated applications will be invited to make a full application in Phase 2 of this scheme. A maximum of five applications will be invited forward for full review.

Phase 2 – Invited Full Application
Following Phase 1, five successful applicants will be invited to submit a full application for this call. The full Phase 2 application form will be in-depth and similar to those required by other funding bodies. Applications will be reviewed by international academic reviewers.

For detailed information on funding, the application process and eligibility criteria, please see our guidance document HERE.

How to apply
Applicants must email the completed proposal form to [email protected] by midnight on 6th March 2023. They must be submitted as a Word Document to allow for coding and anonymisation. Forms should be clearly labelled with the PI Last Name and Institution abbreviation.

Deadlines: Please see funding document for a more detailed overview of key dates
Call Open: 19th January 2023
Proposal Deadline: 6th March 2023
Full Application Deadline: 5th June 2023
Project Commences: November 2023

Any queries in relation to the funding call and procedure must be submitted via email to [email protected] Any queries and the corresponding response will be published on this webpage in a live FAQ document to ensure all applicants have access to the same information during the process.


ASI Dementia Research Award 2023 Guidance 
ASI Dementia Research Award 2023 Proposal Form 

by The ASI Research and Policy Team, Thursday, January 19th, 2023.

The ASI Responds to FDA Approval of Lecanemab

The ASI Responds to FDA Approval of Lecanemab

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (The ASI) welcomes the positive decision by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the Lecanemab antibody, which will be marketed as Leqembi, under their accelerated approval pathway. Leqembi targets a harmful protein called amyloid beta in the brain, and data indicates that it has the potential to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.*

Leqembi’s accelerated approval was based on Phase II trial data, but in recent months further data from a large Phase III trial was presented by the Japanese Pharmaceutical Company Eisai at the annual Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference in San Francisco. This data supported the earlier results and provided more information on the potential benefits of the drug.

There are currently an estimated 64,000 people with dementia in Ireland, and by 2045, that number is anticipated to increase to 150,000.

Responding to this promising news, The ASI Research and Policy Manager, Dr Laura O’Philbin, said:

“The FDA’s decision to grant accelerated approval of Leqembi is a hugely positive and significant step closer to a credible treatment option for Mild Cognitive Impairment and early Alzheimer’s Disease.

‘In Europe, we expect Eisai to file for marketing approval with the European Medicines Agency by March this year. The world is watching and waiting, and there is no denying that we have entered into a hugely exciting time in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, with news of other drug therapies also expected this year”.

It’s important to remember that we still have a way to go as Leqembi will need to go through the FDA’s full traditional process and that this drug will not be suitable for everyone and carries some safety concerns. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland looks forward to continuing to support all people affected by dementia”.

To read the FDA’s Full Statement, please follow this link.

by The ASI Research & Policy Team and Communications Team, Friday, January 6th, 2023
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