Past Awareness Campaigns

A Letter to Remember

The Letters to Remember campaign was launched in 2015 as part of World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month which features letters and images written by people affected by dementia.

The exhibit went on display in various locations around Ireland and is designed to raise awareness of dementia and the challenges faced by those affected by it. The campaign also increases awareness of the work undertaken by carers in our communities, and help us as we fight to replace stigma with understanding and make Ireland more dementia inclusive.

The letters were written by people living with dementia, including advocates with the ASI, the Irish Dementia Working Group (IDWG), as well as carers of people with dementia both living and who had passed on. We hope that this campaign will spark conversation about dementia in communities and help us foster a greater understanding of how this condition impacts people.


Learn, Listen, Link

Learn, Listen, Link is an awareness campaign from The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

The campaign aims to ‘Forget the Stigma’ and urges the public to sign up to take a simple, three-step challenge to fight the stigma that can be associated with dementia.

The challenge involves learning the facts of the condition, listening and empathising, and linking in with those with dementia to prevent isolation.

Learn: Find out the facts
What is dementia?
Facts about dementia in Ireland
Recognising the signs and symptoms

Listen: Take the time to empathise and understand
This part encourages a deeper understanding of dementia through video material of people with dementia and family carers outlining their experience of living with it.

Link: Don’t ignore or avoid the person
This section will help you to identify unique ways that staff and communities can support people with dementia.

To find out more about how you can avail of a Learn Listen Link awareness session for your organisation or community please contact [email protected]


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