I am a Carer / Family Member

Caring for a loved one with dementia means you and your family face many changes and some challenges. You are not alone, the Alzheimer Society of Ireland is here to help.

Treatment for dementia

Information on drug treatments available to manage symptoms and how to manage medications daily

Day to Day Living

Information & tips to help with day to day life, such as communication and safety in the home.

Diagnosing dementia

Information on how a diagnosis is made, memory clinics and what happens if a diagnosis is made

Looking after yourself

Tips on how to look after yourself, De-Stress Report, Loss & grief when a family member has dementia

Symptoms and Progression

In this section you will find information about signs, symptoms and progression.

Changes in behaviour

In this section talks about changes in behaviour such as unusual behaviour, aggression, hallucinations, delusions & sexual difficulties

Planning for the Future

Information on legal and financial affairs, health and care needs and driving and dementia


Activities can enhance our self- esteem, help us to engage with the world around us and give meaning to our lives.

Carer Stories

Hear how other family carers cope with the challenges of caring for someone with dementia. Each caring journey is unique for them.

Personal Care

Practical advice with eating, sleeping, dressing, bathing etc when caring for someone with dementia

Supports and services that may help

There are many supports and services out there to help you and your loved one.

Talking to children and young adults

This page discusses how to explain a diagnosis of dementia to children and young people.


We have a range of publications for people with dementia and their families, call our Helpline to have your copy sent to you, free of charge. Call 1800 341 341 or email helpline@alzheimer.ie.

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