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Many people find it difficult to look for help; knowing where to start, who to talk to and how to get help can feel overwhelming and frightening. Others find it hard to ask for help; some feel disloyal, and some have had a hurtful experience and feel let down.

Most people experience these feelings and situations. It is important to know that looking for and accepting help is a positive step which will benefit you, your loved one, and your family.

There are many ways to build a support network around you. What you and your loved one need today may be different to what you need in a year or two year’s time. Your network will change as your needs change. Your support network may include health care professionals, dementia-specific service providers, general services and supports, financial supports, and family members and friends. Each may have a role to play.

Information & Support

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland provides a range of information services and supports throughout the country. Click HERE to download our information leaflet.  Our staff and volunteers will work with you and your family throughout the course of the condition. Our information and support services include:

The Alzheimer National Helpline

Our free and confidential Helpline service is for people with dementia and their families, carers and anyone concerned about dementia.

Freephone 1800 341 341
Email: [email protected]
Monday to Friday,10 am – 5 pm Saturday,10 am – 4 pm

Our dedicated team of Helpline Advisers and trained Helpline Volunteers listen and provide information and support on:

  • all types of dementia
  • how to get help locally
  • practical day-to-day tips for living well with dementia
  • legal and financial matters,
  • accessing care & support and much more.

We post our information free of charge to people with dementia and their families.

For more information about this service click here

“It’s great to know I can pick up the phone whenever things are getting too much.”

Family member

Dementia Adviser Service

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has a number of Dementia Advisers who work with people with dementia and their families to provide an individualised and responsive information, sign-posting and emotional support service. Our Advisers can meet with you and help you to navigate your journey with dementia. This service is free and confidential.

To find out more about this service click here

Family Support Groups

Meeting others whose loved one has dementia can be really important. It gives you an opportunity to meet people who understand dementia and who are living with similar challenges.

The Alzheimer Society runs support groups around the country. They usually meet monthly and in the evening time. It is an informal meeting and a wonderful way to share experiences and meet others. To find our where your nearest group meets click here

Family Carer Education Programmes

The Family Carer Education Programmes provide information and practical skills as well as an opportunity to share ideas and learnings with other families. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland runs education programmes during the year, click here to find out more

Other organisations who run courses include The Carer’s Association and your local HSE office. See below for details.

Alzheimer Cafes

Alzheimer Cafes provide a warm and welcoming space for people with dementia, their families, friends and health and social care professionals to meet and exchange ideas. The cafe is based on an international model and usually meets in the early evening, although some cafes meet during the day. Click here to find your nearest cafe.

Dementia Carers Campaign Network

The Dementia Carers Campaign Network is a group of people who have experience caring for a loved one with dementia. Set up in 2013 the group aims to be a voice of and for dementia carers in Ireland and to raise awareness of issues affecting families living with dementia. If you know any families carers that might be interested in joining the DCCN, please email [email protected]. Click here for more information about the DCCN.

Services in your community

There may be a number of organisations in your community offering services which you need. The list below outlines the main national service providers; talk to your doctor and your public health nurse about other local providers in your area.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, ASI, is the leading dementia-specific national voluntary organisation in Ireland and a registered charity. The Society provides a comprehensive range of services – designed exclusively for people living with dementia, their families and their carers.

Our services and supports strive to provide person-centered care which reflects the needs, wishes and views of people with dementia, including their personality, biography, achievements and life stories. Our trained staff and volunteers work with people with dementia and their families to maximise quality of life.

ASI supports and services include:

  • Social Clubs
  • Alzheimer Cafés
  • Support Groups
  • Family Carer Education Programmes
  • Day Centres
  • Home Care Services
  • Respite Centres and Services
  • Information and Support Services including our National Helpline and Dementia Adviser Service.

For more information on our services and support click here. You can also call our National Helpline on  1800 341 341 or email [email protected]

The Health Service Executive (HSE)

The Health Service Executive, HSE, is the body charged with providing both community and hospital-based health services to the citizens of
Ireland. Your local health office will be able to provide you with the details of the services that may be available to you and your loved one. Click here for contact details.

Services can vary from county to county so it is important to contact your local health office or to speak to your doctor about the services that may be available.

There may also be a Primary Care Team operating in your area. This team usually includes a Doctor, Public Health Nurse, Community Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Dietitian and Speech and Language Therapist. These teams are not yet operating everywhere. Your local health office or your doctor will be able to tell you if there is a team operating in your area.

Other HSE services include physiotherapy services, occupational therapy, chiropody and social services.

Public Health Nurse

In general, the Public Health Nurse or PHN is a key person within the HSE to talk to about community based services in your area.

The Public Health Nurse is often the person who will begin the process to help you access services such as home help, home care and home care packages. They can also help to source local respite services, provide referral to daycare services and provide advice and assistance with continence care management and advice on practical care techniques.

Public Health Nursing services are free to medical card holders, although the service is not exclusive to medical card holders. The HSE states that public health nursing services are free to all people aged over 65 and to those with a long term illness.

The Carer’s Association

The Carer’s Association is a national voluntary organisation which provides a home respite service, family carer training, support groups and an information service which may be helpful to you.

To find out more about their services call 1800 24 07 24 or visit

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