Nursing Home Care in Ireland

Many people with dementia live at home, with support, for the majority of their journey with dementia. Not every person with dementia will move to a nursing home, but many people do.

This can be one of the most difficult transitions for everyone involved. There are many factors involved, sometimes a move to a nursing home is planned over a period of time, and sometimes it happens suddenly. It takes time for the person with dementia and their family to adjust and to build a new routine.

There are a number of factors involved in moving to a nursing home. Below you will find some practical information, however if you would like to speak to someone to talk through this decision, call our free and confidential Helpline at 1800 341 341.

Understanding late stage dementia

    • You may find it helpful to understand how dementia can impact a person during the final stages of the condition. Read our factsheet Understanding Late Stage Dementia
    • You can also speak with your doctor or public health nurse about care needs and if a nursing home is an option that needs to be considered.
    • You may experience feelings of grief and loss while caring for a loved one, read our factsheet Loss and grief when a family member has dementia for information and support.

Finding a nursing home

Financial Support

National Quality Standards for Nursing Homes

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