Collaborative Research Reports

Research reports and publications below relate to:

  1. Research undertaken jointly by ASI with one or more organisations / persons
  2. Research undertaken by a researcher as part of IRC / HRCI / HRB, with ASI as partner
  3. Research supported by ASI by way of a research bursary
  4. Research supported by ASI with PPI / Dementia Research Advisory Team support

Please note this this list is not exhaustive. 

Barriers and Solutions to putting Research into Practice: A report from a Research Knowledge Exchange Seminar co-hosted by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Dementia Research Network Ireland (August 2023)

Please read our full report HERE.

Please read our shortened document HERE.

The ethics of pet robots in dementia care settings: Care professionals’ and organisational leaders’ ethical intuitions (Wei Qi Koh et al. 2023)

The ASI was delighted to support Wei Qi Koh to publish this article by way of the Research Bursary Scheme 2022.

Read the full article Here.

Developing consensus-based recommendations for the delivery of dementia services for the LGBTQIA+ community in the Republic of Ireland [version 2] (Megan Oglesby & Dr Sinead Hynes 2022)

The ASI was delighted to support Dr Sinead Hynes through her IRC funding application and through PPI involvement in this work.

Read the article Here.

Concerns and Costs of Dementia (2019)

The research was conducted by Core Research on behalf of KBC Bank and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (The ASI).

New research assessing the concerns and costs surrounding dementia among Irish people by The ASI and KBC Bank Ireland has found that 7 in 10 Irish adults realise that people with dementia require 24/7 care, however only 27% of respondents know that the cost of dementia care in Ireland is greater than the combined cost of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Read the Report here.

Research Prioritisation Report (2018)

Led by ASI & Dementia Research Network Ireland (formerly DNNI)

In 2018 the Dementia and Neurodegeneration Network Ireland (DNNI) and ASI established a Dementia Research Forum which brought together stakeholders involved in dementia research in Ireland. The forum also led to the establishment of a Research Prioritisation Steering Group, and together members of this Steering Group have explored research themes and are developing a survey to help identify dementia research priorities.

Read the Report here

Eating Well With Dementia: Practical Tips for Family Carers (2017)

Jointly produced by Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition and ASI

The research found that the difficulties people with dementia are experiencing include the person forgetting to eat (58%), forgetting they have eaten and eating again (54%), finding it difficult to finish meals (51%) and being too tired to eat (36%). Following on from the research, a new booklet has been developed for families and carers in Ireland called Eating well with Dementia. This booklet, which was launched in September 2017, offers practical tips and helps families and carers to understand how dementia can affect a person’s appetite and experience with food.

Read the Report here

Further List of Publications

  1. Dementia Specific Services in the Community: Mapping Public and Voluntary Services. Jointly produced by the National Dementia Office (NDO), Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI). Read the Report here. 
  2. Meeting Older People’s Preference for Care (2015). Collaborative research project undertaken by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, the Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW), Age Action and the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin. Read the Report here.
  3. Strategies and Techniques for Cognitive Rehabilitation (2015). Joint research initiative between the ASI and the Neuro-Enhancement for Independent Lives Programme in TCD. Read the Report here.
  4. Health & Harmony (2013) Run by the National Concert Hall in partnership with ASI. This work received support from the Ireland Funds. Read the Report here.
  5. Building Consensus for the Future (2012). Joint partnership project with the Irish Hospice Foundation and led by ASI. Read the report here
  6. Financing Dementia (2012) Dominic Trépel (University of York) Read the Report here.
  7. Continuing to Care for People with Dementia: Irish family carers’ experience of their relative’s transition to a nursing home (2011) Professor Murna Downes in conjunction with St Lukes Home and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. Read the Report here.
  8. Opening Conversations (2011)Dr Una McConville (University of Bath) in conjunction with ASI. Read the Report here.
  9.  An Economic Perspective of Dementia Care in Ireland: Maximising Benefits and Maintaining Cost Efficiency (2010) Read report here (Full Version) Read report summary here. 
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