Working Together For Better

Working in partnership with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland will not only deliver real benefits to your business but it will create meaningful opportunities for your staff and customers to make an impact on the lives of a people affected by dementia in Ireland.

Our dedicated Corporate Fundraising team will work with your organisation to plan activities and a programme that will meet your needs, support your staff while positively impacting your community.


Our Partnership’s Key Pillars

1. Awareness Raising and Education

We will provide Dementia inclusiveness education and awareness raising opportunities to our partners as a pivotal part of a partnership.
This will ensure that staff have a good knowledge of the vital services we provide, an opportunity to start the conversation about dementia and a real understanding of the importance of your partnership support.

2. Fundraising Support

Raise funds and have fun! From testing your employee limits with an active challenge to encouraging some friendly rivalry with a bake-off, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We also have a calendar full of events that we would love for your staff to get involved in throughout the year.

3. Champion Engagement

We want your partnership to have a meaningful legacy with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and your wider community, and becoming a champion for The ASI means so much to us. There are a huge variety of opportunities for Corporate champions to engage with throughout the year, from Supporting local services, Team Helping Hands Days, supporting campaigns and Engaging the wider community.



Chat to our team to learn more:

Email Amy & Kerri-Ann at  [email protected]

We look forward to working with you!

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