Suppliers of products and devices

This section of the website provides information on daily living aids, mobility aids and assistive technology, and provides lists of suppliers of such equipment in Ireland and abroad.

Each of the below documents provides the details of some suppliers that have a range of dementia care products to assist and support someone living with dementia. There is also useful information available on personal alarm systems, telecare providers, adapted clothing and continence products.

This list is by no means exhaustive and just intended as a guide to the many suppliers and sources of products available.

Suppliers of dementia care products

The attached document provides the details of some suppliers that have a range of dementia care products to assist and support someone living with dementia. There is a huge range of products available today such as home safety devices, or games and activities, memory and orientation aids. Your local Memory Technology Resource Room (MTRR)  may have information on locator devices, prompts and reminders, home safety, orientation and communication. Click HERE to get the contact details for your local MTRR

Suppliers of dementia care products July 2021

Suppliers of personal alarms and telecare providers

Many people who live alone or who are alone for long periods choose to have an alarm system so that they can summon assistance should they require it. There is a large choice of systems available, ranging from simple pull-cord alarms which activate a flashing light or bell outside the home through to auto dialler alarms which dial, via a telephone, through to present numbers, to telecare systems which monitor and connect directly to a 24-hour monitoring station. If you need an alarm that calls through to a monitoring station, please find attached a list of companies that provide this service. The Tipperary Memory Technology Resource Room’s website also has information on various telecare options. Click here for more information.

Personal alarm and telecare providers_

Suppliers of adapted clothing

The list attached below are just some of the suppliers of adapted clothing for people with dementia. Adapted clothing is designed to make dressing and undressing easier. A garment may have a back opening, a side zip, easy to pull tags, soft pop fasteners, or use Velcro or elastic to replace standard buttons and zips. Sleeves and trouser legs can be wider so they are easier to slip on and off, or accommodate continence wear if necessary. Alternatively, existing clothing may be adapted to be easier to get into and get out of. A good tailor or dressmaker can advise on what adaptations or alterations they can do to help.

Suppliers of adapted clothing updated July 2023

Suppliers of continence products

There are a range of continence aids and professional support available to carers of people living with dementia. Continence aids can help to keep the person comfortable and protect clothing, furniture and bedding. Listed in the below document are just some of the suppliers of continence products.

Suppliers of continence products

Looking for a product or device?

If you cannot find a product or device from the above list of suppliers the following websites have lists of products and details about who you can order from

Dementia Circle: Funded by The Alzheimer Society in Scotland, this website has reviews from people with dementia and their families who have tested products; they also have helpful information sheets.

AT Dementia: provides information about assistive technology products. The website in based in England but many of suppliers listed deliver to Ireland. The site has lots of information leaflets to help you make decisions about what technology works for you.

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