Insights into Dementia – Informing and Empowering Family Carers Further Information

Family members who support people living with dementia within their family network are
often left to cope with the consequences of a diagnosis of dementia with little or no practical
information to support them.

This course is designed to help family carers understand the condition and increase their
confidence in their ability to care. It also allows carers/supporters to
meet others in a similar position and share their experiences.

Who is this course for?

This course is for family members providing support or care to family members or friends.
This is informal support, i.e., it is unpaid. Often, the family member may not see this as
‘caring’ but as a regular part of their relationship with the person living with dementia.

Participants in this course may be supporting a spouse or a parent. They may be the primary
person responsible for the care and support of the person with dementia. Sometimes this is
referred to as a ‘primary carer/supporter’.

Or course participants may be ‘caring/supporting from a distance’. In these situations, the
family member living with dementia may be living alone or at a distance from the carer /
supporter. Sometimes this is referred to as a ‘secondary carer/supporter’.

Course participants must be over 18 years of age.

Who is this course not for?

This course is not for formal paid social care workers. We provide specific education and
training for companies and organisations – please see here for more information.

This course is not for people under 18 years of age.


What do we hope this course will achieve?

We hope this course will give participants more knowledge about how to support a person
living with dementia. It will cover a range of topics from communication to changing
relationships, food and nutrition, the care environment, the importance of activities and, crucially, how to look after the needs of the carer/supporter.

It will allow participants to talk about and share their experiences. Or, if
preferred, listen to the experiences of others in a similar situation.

Participants are invited to think about how they care for and support the person living with

The course will provide ideas, tips and strategies that participants might like to try out in their
own situation.

Our Tutors

The course is delivered by our team of tutors. Our tutors have a variety of backgrounds, including in nursing and social care. All of our tutors are trained trainers, and they have experience working with and supporting people living with dementia.

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