Towards Resilience in Family Caregiving for People with Dementia (EnCaRe)

Towards Resilience in Family Caregiving for People with Dementia (EnCaRe) project was developed to promote resilience in family carers of people with dementia. A group of volunteer Family Carers, who have cared or are caring for people with dementia, participated in the carer resilience project.

The Encare group met on several occasions and deliberated on a number of topics which affect family carers of people with dementia. The purpose of such meetings was to gain a deeper understanding about how caring for a person with dementia affects the levels of resilience of carers, and to identify the factors that make carers resilient.

One of the key elements of this project was the filming of documentary style videos, depicting various stages of the carer journey. The videos offer an insight into the lived experience of carers who support a family member with dementia. Each caring journey is unique for every family carer, but these videos may offer some support in times of need and may act as a starting point for other carers to realise that supports exist.

This enhancing resilience support could not have been developed without the support of the Encare group, and we would like to acknowledge each and every individual who participated in creating this helpful resource. We would also like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to the family Carers who helped create the carer videos by sharing their own caring experiences:

  • Ms. Harriet Conlon
  • Mr. Matthew Coyle
  • Mr. Ray Cregan
  • Ms. Carolann Duggan
  • Ms. Orla Norris
  • Mr. Éamon Ó Fearghail
  • Mr. Norman O’Connor
  • Ms. Jenny Smee
  • Ms. Una Caulfield
  • Ms. Rachel McMahon
  • Mr. Richard Dolan

This project was funded by the Health Research Board (HRB) with researchers from University College Dublin (UCD). You can find out more about the research study by clicking here.

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