World Alzheimer’s Month 2019

Maire-Anne Doyle from our Dementia Carers Campaign Network (DCCN) with her father, Brian, who is a member of our Irish Dementia Working Group (IDWG).

World Alzheimer’s Month is an opportunity to build understanding about a health issue that will affect more and more people as the years pass, while encouraging crucial efforts to support those already affected by dementia around the world. World Alzheimer’s Day is held on Saturday, September 21st.

For World Alzheimer’s Month in September 2019, we will be joining Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and other leading dementia organisations around the world to raise awareness of dementia. The theme for World Alzheimer’s Month 2019 will be raising awareness and challenging stigma.

The ADI will be releasing results of world’s largest survey on attitudes around dementia on World Alzheimer’s Day Saturday, 21st September. They had almost 70,000 responses to the survey on attitudes around dementia and the results will be published. For more information, please click HERE

The ASI will have a full events calendar that includes:

● Coastal Camino Challenge and Hurling Legends clash;

● Promoting Pre-Budget Submission 2020 campaign;

Mobile Information Service will be going to the Ploughing Championships and other locations;

● Hosting information events and public talks;

● Irish Dementia Working Group and the Dementia Carers Campaign Network will also be busy during the month.

A full events calendar will be published in the coming weeks …

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