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The Case for Dementia Clinical Nurse Specialists in Acute Settings in Ireland

This policy paper was commissioned by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) to explore the case for further investment in Clinical Dementia Nurse Specialist roles in acute settings. The report provides insight into the value of this role and a thorough analysis of the enablers and barriers to implementation and recommendations for a national rollout.

Author: Dr. Liz Tully

Read the paper HERE.


Case for the Inclusion of Dementia in Chronic Disease Management Programmes in Ireland (2021)

This policy paper was commissioned by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) to investigate the feasibility of including dementia in a revised chronic disease management programme for GPs in the future.  It set out to explore what it would mean for a range of key stakeholders, if dementia were to be categorised as a chronic disease. What are the likely benefits and risks for the person, family caregivers and GPs and what are the potential barriers and facilitators to having dementia included in a revised GP contract?  How might this framing of dementia build on and inform policy developments currently underway through the National Dementia Office to implement the Irish National Dementia strategy?

Authors: Prof Suzanne Cahill & Dr Maria Pierce, May 2021

Read the Policy Paper HERE.

Read a Plain Language Summary HERE.


Dementia & Loneliness (2019)

Policy Position Paper commissioned by ASI and undertaken by UCC

This policy position paper ‘Dementia and Loneliness’ reflects the experiences of loneliness for people living with dementia, how loneliness can be attributed to a lack of supports and services, and the public awareness and understanding of dementia.


A National Dementia Registry for Ireland (2016)

Policy Report commissioned by ASI and undertaken by DCU

This report, commissioned under The Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s expert policy series, provides much needed information on the feasibility of developing a dementia registry within the Irish context.

Read accessible version here.


Implementing Policy for Dementia Care in Ireland: The Time for Action is Now (2007)

Commissioned by ASI and undertaken by NUIG

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