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The Alzheimer Society of Ireland wants to make dementia a policy priority for Government and to ensure there is a commitment of resources to dementia care. Our policy work focuses on highlighting the major policy issues and challenges that dementia poses as well as providing evidence based solutions.

To be effective in our policy work we engage in a range of activities. These activities include, making policy submissions to Government, Government bodies and other agencies, keeping track of and influencing relevant legislation, commissioning external experts to write policy papers, representing dementia policy issues both nationally and internationally and carrying out policy research.

Recent Policy Submissions

Joint Committee on Assisted Dying 2024

This submission presents seven points that The ASI believe the Committee should consider when making legislative and policy recommendations. Click here to read.

Public Consultation on a Design Guide for Long-Term Residential Care Settings for Older People

The ASI supported the Irish Dementia Working Group and the Dementia Carers Campaign Network to give feedback on the Draft Design Guidelines published by the Department of Health. Click here to read.

Joint Committee on Health, Opening Statement, February 7th 2024

The ASI was invited to appear before the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health to discuss services and supports for people with dementia and family carers. Click here to read.

Joint Committee on Health

As part of the Home Care Coalition, The ASI made this submission to the Joint Committee on Health concerning home care. Click here to read.

Dying with Dignity Bill

This submission to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice presents The ASI’s views on the Dying with Dignity Bill 2020. Click here to read.

Review of National Development Plan

This submission is The ASI’s response to Review to Renew – the public consultation on Ireland’s National Development Plan. Click here to read.

Submission for the Joint Committee on Disability Matters

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) welcomed the opportunity to submit to the Joint Committee on Disability Matters. Our position is informed by The ASI’s Charter of Rights for People with Dementia, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the lived experiences of people living with dementia and family carers. Click here to read.

Consultative Forum MCI

This Submission to the Medical Council presents The ASI’s views on resuming non-COVID patient care, including medical appointments and other medical needs, and how appropriate patient care pathways might be resumed. Click here to read.

Submission Committee on COVID-19

This Submission to the Special Committee on COVID-19 outlines The ASI’s views on COVID-19 in nursing homes, its impact and the need for specific support in this sector for people living with dementia and their families. Click here to read.

Expert Policy Paper Series

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland commissions external experts to write policy papers in order to generate new ideas promote cutting edge concepts and contribute to a much more informed debate in relation to national dementia policy.

‘A National Dementia Registry for Ireland: A Feasibility Study’ (2016) – Dr. Louise Hopper, Suzanne Hughes, Prof. Teresa Burke and Dr. Kate Irving

This study highlights the characteristics a registry needs to have to be successful and the pitfalls to avoid. This study shows that we can learn a lot of lessons from international dementia registries and from existing patient registries in Ireland. It also highlights the steps that need to be taken to ensure that a comprehensive proposal is developed quickly.

Click here to download the full report and for an accessible summary document click here

‘An Economic Analysis of Home Care Services for People with Dementia’ (2015) – Dr. Dominic Trepel

This study provides an economic analysis of home care services for people with dementia.  Trépel’s expert analysis of home care for people with dementia focuses on who provides home care, what care is provided and when. It also provides recommendations on how home care services can be best configured to ensure an optimal arrangement of care for people with dementia. The argument is made that case management, collaborative care and information systems are important factors to improve overall welfare by addressing sources of inefficiency (i.e. information on deploying services).

Click here to download the full report and for a summary document click here

‘Integrated Care Pathways’ (2012) – Dr. Kate Irving

This paper indicates that we need to find ways in our healthcare system to provide mechanisms for “integrated care” led out by a key healthcare professional.  These mechanisms will help us move away from the current piecemeal and sporadic approach to provision of services and supports and will significantly improve the whole journey for the person and their family and reduce the stress of navigating the current overly complex system.

Click here to download the report.

‘National Dementia Strategy for Ireland’ (2012) – Dr. Henry O’Connell

As one of the leading clinical experts in dementia care in Ireland Dr. Henry O’Connell advocates that Ireland should seek to emanate the Scottish model in relation to the development of the National Dementia Strategy.  Scotland’s plan relates to how the conditions can be created to provide “world class services” for and with people with dementia.

Click here to download the report.

‘Financing Dementia’ (2012) – Dr. Dominic Trepel

This report argues the need for a financial commitment to dementia in Ireland.  There must, he says, be a “social contract” between the funders of healthcare and the person to avert the financial risks associated with ill-health and special attention is needed to ensure these expectations are upheld for vulnerable groups such as those living with dementia.

Click here to download the report.

Policy Submissions

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland regularly contributes to policy reviews or strategies being undertaken by the Government and other relevant bodies in relation to a variety of issues.Our policy submissions aim to reflect the voice of the person with dementia and their carer.

You can read more about the submissions that we have done in the past by clicking on the links below.

2018 Submissions

2017 Submissions

2016 Submissions

To request a copy of an ASI submission pre 2016 please contact [email protected]

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