Pre-Budget Submission 2019

In our Pre-Budget Submission 2019 we called on the Government to invest €12 million towards community supports for people with dementia ‘Dementia Support Across Ireland – Building Communities of Care’.

Afterwards, we were frustrated when the Government yet again decided not to make specific funding available for people with dementia and their families in Budget 2019.

Calling for Action

We held an Emergency Dementia Summit in Dublin on Wednesday, November 28th to call on the Minister for Health Simon Harris and Minister for Older People Jim Daly to make good on their public statements that ‘dementia is a key priority’ by directing urgently needed funds to dementia -specific services in the HSE National Service Plan for 2019.

We wanted to highlight the challenging experiences people are facing with limited or no supports and services in certain areas. We wanted politicians to hear the real impact this has on people’s lives and how the issues can be addressed.

About our Pre-Budget Submission

According to a mapping project carried out by the ASI and the HSE’s National Dementia Office, access to community dementia-specific services across Ireland varies depending on where you live.

No county in Ireland has an acceptable level of dementia support and the time has come for the Government to provide funding to address the matter urgently.

The mid-term review of the National Dementia Strategy, which was launched in May 2018, acknowledges that people with dementia and their families are still dealing with inadequate services and supports and states that additional funding is required.

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