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Policy on Supporting Research

The ASI is committed to supporting research that can accelerate finding new ways to diagnose and treat dementia effectively, that has relevance, meaning and impact on how people with dementia and their carers can live better quality lives, and that can potentially discover ways to prevent dementia.

For more information on our policy on supporting research, please click HERE 

Person Public Involvement (PPI)

There is now consensus that PPI represents best practice in research, and that PPI Contributors add significant value to projects. To facilitate best practice ASI have developed a Dementia Research Advisory Team which is a group of people with dementia and carers who wish to contribute to research in a PPI Capacity.


Work with the Dementia Research Advisory Team

Guidelines for Engagement

The Dementia Research Advisory Team has developed Guidelines for Engagement. These guidelines were written by the Dementia Research Advisory Team with the support of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and PPI Ignite at Trinity College Dublin. Please read these before completing the engagement form.

Get in touch

If you are researcher and would like to involve members of the Dementia Research Advisory Team on a project, please complete THIS FORM and send it to

PPI Resources

  • The Dementia Journal has published a special issue on PPI: Patient and Public Involvement in Dementia Research: Moving from Proving to Improving . The issue can be accessed here. You may need to use an institutional log in to access this work Click here

  • Article: Minding the gap: identifying values to enable public and patient involvement at the pre-commencement stages of research projects. Click here
  • Our reflections of Patient and Public Involvement in research as members of the European Working Group of People with Dementia Click here
  • Alzheimer Europe’s position on involving people with dementia in research through PPI (patient and public involvement) Click here
  • Dementia Research Blog – Doing PPI on my PhD Project. Click here
  • Dementia Research Advisory Team Guidelines for Engagement Click here
  • Qualitative research and patient and public involvement in health and social care research: What are the key differences? – Bec Hanley, Kristina Staley, Derek Stewart, Rosemary Barber, August 2019 Click here
  • Resources and briefing notes for researchers from Involve UK (The UK’s leading public participation charity) Click here
  • Involvement Cost Calculator (this is a UK tool) Click here


Research Updates for Professionals

This quarterly newsletter is developed specifically for researchers and clinicians

Open Funding Calls

There are no open funding calls at this time.

We announce funding calls in our Research Updates which you can sign up to above. Information will be posted to this page.

Closed Funding Calls (for reference only)

1. Irish Research Council New Foundations Scheme (Strand One)

The Irish Research Council (IRC) New Foundations Scheme supports eligible researchers who intend to pursue research within and across a diversity of disciplines. ASI are looking for Research Partners for Strand One of this scheme. This supports small, discrete collaborative projects between postdoctoral or more experienced researchers and a community/voluntary organisation or NGO. Researchers are required to submit applications with an endorsement by the NGO/voluntary organisation.

We would be delighted to work with prospective applicants with the view to endorsing applications on the following subjects

    • Community-based supports/services
    • Psycho-social interventions
    • Prevention
    • Diagnosis
    • Downs Syndrome and dementia
    • Caregiving
    • Technology
    • Addressing loneliness in people living with dementia

The funding is up to €12,000 over a maximum of nine months and is provided by the Irish Research Council. The deadline for applications to the Irish Research Council is 2/12/2019.

More information about the New Foundations Scheme is available HERE

2. HRCI/HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2020

ASI is pleased to announce its participation in the Joint Funding Scheme 2020 between the Health Research Board and Health Research Charities Ireland. We are inviting applications based around community based supports/services/engagement of up to two years duration to a maximum of €80,000 per annum.

ASI Invitation to Tender & guidance notes CLICK HERE

Pre-Application Form CLICK HERE


3. A Case for Dementia in the Chronic Disease Management Programme

The primary objective of this proposed policy paper is to explore the case for including dementia in the CDMP, specifically, how this process could be developed and an in-depth understanding of what would be entailed in this process, what it would mean for people diagnosed with dementia, their carers and health care professionals (HCPs).

● Chronic Disease Programme Invitation to Tender & guidance notes CLICK HERE

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